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Volcano City is ready to help you with everything you need to know about app promo videos, animated explainer videos or product marketing video solutions! We have proven expertise working with clients worldwide in providing video production services that offer a complete solution, helping you amplify your brand globally, in any language you require. We are committed, passionate, conscientious and approachable.

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General Video Production Q & A

Do you help us with the entire video production process?

Yes, Volcano City takes away the headache from the minute we start a project to final delivery; we manage the whole video production operation, taking away the stress and inconvenience of relying on multiple suppliers.

What kind of customer service do you offer?

We’re always on the other end of the phone — the Volcano City team will manage the creation of your animated videos from start to finish, continuously liaising with you at every step. You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager looking after you to ensure your queries are answered quickly and effectively. Call us and find out!

What kind of approach do you take in working with clients?

We’re not just a provider, we’re a partner and we will work closely with you to understand your goals. We’ll assess your platform and collaborate with you to determine which video solution best serves your requirements and your budget.

What are your thoughts on deadlines?

We understand that time is precious and are savvy about deadlines – we will manage the entire video production process and guarantee you fast turnaround times without compromising on quality. We will deliver on time, within budget.

What is transparent pricing?

We won’t rip you off! Volcano City is committed to transparent pricing; pricing that doesn’t change once we’ve explored your needs and given you a written quote outlining exactly what you are paying for. Our goal is to produce high quality video content while saving you money. As video translation experts, we can easily recreate your videos in as many languages as you need. Producing localised video can vastly increase your ROI and save you money, both in the short term and the long term.

What kind of quality can I expect?

We are committed to being the best: you can always expect the very highest quality from us in everything we do. Our team of experienced animators will produce your initial videos with voiceover translation and scripts which you can review before we make final amendments based on your feedback. We only proceed with full localisation once you’re totally happy with each original video.

What about our company's branding?

We keep your brand at the front of our thoughts: our animation team will work closely with you to ensure your brand, key messages and product features are communicated clearly using your existing brand artwork. All motion graphics, voiceover artists and music selection only go ahead with your approval.

Do you follow-up after our work is completed?

We’ll stay in touch after completion and we remain a resource for you long after your project is completed. We will supply your animated videos in whatever format you require and we archive all our projects in case you ever want to make updates in the future.

Video Translation Services Q & A

How many languages does your video translation service offer?

Volcano City has worked with clients worldwide producing content in dozens of languages. We have never yet had to say “we can’t!” when asked to produce localised video content in multiple languages. We work with several well-established professional translation partners to ensure we can provide fully translated videos in any language you need.

Whatever your localisation requirements, if you need a promotional or animated explainer video in multiple languages, then we’ve got you covered at Volcano City.

What is video translation / video localisation?

Translation is just one piece of the localisation jigsaw – and successful localisation relies on a lot more than just accurate translation. It’s vital to also take into account the cultural sensitivities, characteristics and aspirations of local consumers. Localisation might also include adapting graphics, modifying content, adapting design and layout and converting elements such as currencies, units of measure and date formats. The aim is to ensure a product looks and feels as if it’s been created specifically for that market, no matter what the language, culture, or location.

We can help with all aspects of localisation from simple translation to adapting actual video content in order to engage people within a certain culture or region. It can be a complicated process but Volcano City are video translation experts and can provide fully-managed video solutions from start to finish.

Why do I need to localise my videos?

If you want to capture the attention of global customers, then it’s the vital to provide localised video content. Video is an increasingly powerful business tool – in fact, it’s estimated that video will constitute 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 and most people would far rather view content in their own language. The Common Sense Advisory board found localised campaigns perform a staggering 86% better than English-only versions. Video translation and localisation enables you to deliver a specific message specially tailored to your regional audiences through language and voiceover.

How does video translation work?

We don’t simply translate or subtitle videos, we localise. Your animated videos are perfectly recreated using the regional versions of your platform. That means that every audio and visual element is localised, so that your customers get all the information they need through language and imagery that is familiar and culturally relevant to them.

We manage the whole video production process from start to finish, working with you at every stage to understand your needs, and ensure you’re happy with the overall product.

What is involved in video translation or video localisation?

Video localisation is the process of localising all aspects of a video, including voiceover, animations and language. We create the content, then fully localise it so that your regional users have the best possible experience of your product.

Are your voiceover artists all native speakers?

Yes, our video translation partners only use native-speaking regional voiceover artists – so you can deliver a personalised service to your customers with animated videos in their own language. We don’t just provide voiceover translation, we ensure all aspects of your video are localised including motion graphics, providing you with a complete video solution.

Video Production Solutions – Animated Explainer Videos

What types of animated videos do you offer?

Whatever your video needs, we have a solution for you. Some of the main categories of videos we produce are:

Your corporate message has to be right first time, every time. At Volcano City, we have a highly skilled production team, dedicated to ensuring the video production process runs smoothly from concept through to final cut.

What can I expect from Volcano City’s video production solutions?

We will work closely with you to determine your goals and then develop a project outline that matches your requirements and budget. Then we’ll provide you with a full quote and projected delivery time.
Once you’ve given us the go ahead, we’ll create scripts and storyboards for each stage of your video(s), including your branding as well as all audio elements.

We then create the original video for your approval, fully animated with voiceover and music. Once you’re completely satisfied with each original video, we recreate them in localised versions.

Once all videos are complete, we provide them in whatever format you need so that you can distribute them on whichever platform you require. We will also archive copies in case you need to make any changes or new versions in the future.

What if I want to make changes to my animated videos?

We’ll provide your completed videos in whatever format you require and archive all of the video projects should you ever want to make updates in the future.

How much do your animated videos cost?

The price of our video production services depends on your project’s size and goals. The cost is related to the required length of your video and how many languages you need. You can visit our pricing page to get a brief understanding of video project costs.

For a tailored quote, please contact us.

Should video production solutions use voiceover translation or subtitling?

We always use professional voiceover artists for all our animated videos. Voiceover – paired with motion graphics – creates polished, professional promotional videos which are more appealing and effective than subtitling.

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