Keep your fans happy with video content tailored to their language, choice of device and the time best-suited for them to get in on the action and never miss a live event!

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Fan engagement in a digital world

Whether you want to Live Stream your sports event or provide your supporters with on-demand content, our video solutions can help you totally transform fan engagement. We offer a range of Live Streaming solutions which can help you grow global audiences with multiple streams in multiple languages on multiple platforms. On top of this, our in-house experts can perfectly recreate your animated video content in as many languages as you need, which you can archive for users to watch on-demand.

Online video solutions for the sports industry

Whatever your problem, there’s a video solution

Sports fans help motivate athletes, keep clubs in existence and commentators in a job. Their idolisation of sportsmen and women and constant desire to be part of the action allows sports to stay alive. Sports clubs and authorities cannot afford to lose them; they need to prioritise fan engagement.

In a globalised world, sports have followed digital trends. Fans expect to be provided with a variety of engaging video content and they want access to it at a time and place that suits them. The rising costs of tickets and merchandise means that they also want to feel valued; through tailored content in their own language.

See how Volcano City can help you address the modern challenges facing engagement:


Increase global reach

With less than 6% of the world’s population speaking English as a first language, media outlets can significantly increase their audiences by creating localised versions of their video content. By providing catering to international markets, you can deliver a truly global sporting event.


Increase fan engagement

Not only can our video solutions help you grow your global audience, but also make your loyal fans feel valued. Video content is king and your fans deserve it. Providing supporters with live and on-demand videos can strengthen engagement and leave them constantly wanting more.


Keep up with digital trends

The vast majority of English Premier League matches shown live in Asia have local presenters who augment feeds from host broadcasters with commentary in local languages. China has no English language broadcasts at all but fans can choose from a staggering 18 different channels to watch the Premier League in Mandarin.


Our video solutions are cost effective

Volcano City make localising a live event or on-demand video straightforward and extremely cost-effective. Each additional language version only costs a fraction of the original, and the more languages you add, the lower the average cost. With lowered cost-per-new-viewer, localising can dramatically increase ROI on your original production.


Deliver the right message, in the right language

Our Managed Playout services make it easy to re-version aspects of your graphics or adverts on a live event remotely, with no capex or staff training. operated by a team of experienced professionals. This also applies to ad-breaks for different markets. Unlike some other solutions, our playout solution is designed to work with live productions.


We make it easy to get your video content on multiple platforms

Whether you need live or on-demand video content, we take care of the whole operation. You can rely on us from start to finish and we’ll work with you to understand your needs to create a solution to help you engage your fans across the world.

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