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Our team of experts at Volcano City have proven experience in providing remote commentary solutions for live events of all kinds. We offer a cost-effective gateway for your Live Stream to enable you to reach worldwide audiences, in the language they speak. Creating a Live Stream with commentary in multiple languages can seem a daunting task. However, the experienced team at Volcano City has a track record of innovation so you are supported every step of the way. We will help you engage your global fans without requiring enormous spends or detailed technical know-how. We’ll provide an end-to-end solution that fits your needs and budget.


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One Live Stream. Unlimited Languages.

Your audiences should always have easy access to what they love, and location and language should never be barriers to enjoying your content. By using Volcano City’s remote commentary solutions, you can feed your fans’ passion wherever they are, and in any language.

We provide scalable, cost-effective and fully managed remote commentary solutions that allow you to easily add multiple languages to your Live Streams. In fact, by using our bespoke remote commentary solution, you can broadcast your Live Stream in an unlimited number of languages on multiple platforms. There is no better way to engage your fans than providing your Live Stream in a language they understand and our remote multi-language audio commentary and Live Streaming solution can help you reach audiences worldwide, in any language.

Remote commentary for your Live Stream that doesn’t break the bank

Our goal is to empower your message

Producing Live Streams in multiple languages can seem a daunting task, but there’s no better way to engage your fans than broadcasting live from your event in a language they understand.

Our bespoke remote commentary solution has been developed with flexibility in mind which means it will run successfully via any reliable broadband internet connection and with low latency. There’s no need to hire expensive satellite uplinks or optical fibre circuits. This is especially useful when experimenting in foreign markets where only domestic-grade internet connections are available..

thumb_01_60_60NO TRAVEL

No need for commentators to attend your event in-person, substantially reducing your outlay on travel & accommodation

thumb_01_60_60NO EQUIPMENT

No more expensive on site production equipment needed for live commentators

thumb_01_60_60NO ENGINEERING

No need for costly on-site specialists such as audio or streaming engineers


No more satellite or Master Control Room (MCR) costs

Use Volcano City’s bespoke Stream Control Centre

Offering you the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity

We are specialists in remote audio acquisition and have developed our own custom-built hardware and proprietary Stream Control Centre to help manage your Live Stream throughout your event.

Our proprietary custom hardware is built from scratch, including high-quality commentary sound consoles which are remotely operated by our team of Live Stream/remote commentary specialists. Our engineers control all aspects of your Live Stream from the central Stream Control Centre, providing you with quality assurance while ensuring your commentary team can focus on what they do best. Using Remote Commentary solutions means you can broadcast your Live Stream in an unlimited number of languages, while avoiding the need for costly on-site staff and specialists.

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One Live Stream. Multiple languages. Endless possibilities

Engage fans in their own language through our remote commentary solution

At Volcano City, we offer a rock-solid service and have proven expertise, broadcasting in up to 16 different languages simultaneously from multiple events while working with Remote Commentary teams located right across the globe, including Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA.

We are by your side every step of the way and have years of experience in providing Live Stream services with remote commentary worldwide.

Work with us. It’s simple.

Our Live Stream experts are a pleasure to work with. We provide fully-managed services for multi-language streaming and make the whole process easy for our clients. As part of our end-to-end service, we’ll securely encode and distribute your world-feed, add commentator audio, custom graphics and localised adverts and promotions for every target region, and handle distribution to any platform.

Multi-language live video distribution is no longer the privilege of major broadcasters. The last two years has seen the launch of a plethora of social media platforms for live content – particularly Periscope, YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch. This gives you the chance to experiment with going global and attract new audiences at very little cost, giving users the chance to interact, participate and even make direct purchases while you’re on air.

Remote commentary in action

We’ve provided innovative live video streaming solutions for a wide variety of clients – see what we could do for you! Click to read our PokerStars case study!

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