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The Partner:

Watchmen for the Nations is a global faith group that hosts live events all over the world to facilitate spontaneous worship. The events, known as “gatherings”, are attended by thousands of patrons in person, as well as attracting viewers worldwide who are able to follow the action via the group’s popular Live Stream.

The Goal:

The Watchmen group approached us with the challenge of harnessing their existing internal simultaneous translation service in order to produce a multi-language live stream from their upcoming Global Gathering event in Jerusalem. There would be eight live sessions over the course of five days, each of which would be produced in six languages and delivered to both LiveStream and YouTube.

The Solution:

Along with technical consultation we provided a managed service that allowed us to extract the internal simultaneous translation audio feeds and stitch them to the world feed broadcast images. We then live streamed all concurrent feeds to managed social media platforms. Our services were all provided remotely saving the client thousands of pounds of technical staff on site, travel and accommodation.

The Pathway To Success:

During the project, Volcano City undertook the following steps:


Developed an encoding workflow capable of consolidating the existing live PGM feed and six individual translated narration audio feeds into a single ‘master’ stream


Consulted with The Watchmen Group and their technical & broadcasting partners in order to upgrade their existing equipment to be compatible with the new workflow


Remote management of on-site encoding equipment


Provided a cloud-based server workflow to ingest the ‘master’ stream and use the relevant components to construct a high-quality stream for each individual language


Facilitated simultaneous delivery of all language streams to LiveStream and YouTube

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What our partners have to say

Here’s what Watchmen shared about their experience with us:

Streaming went great in November! Both the technology and service provided by Cobra Streaming was excellent - top notch! With your help, over 75,000 viewers, across 7 languages, from over 130 countries joined us online the week we were in Jerusalem. In the 6 months since the Gathering, over 220,000 viewers have accessed the video archives. You tolerated our uncertainty and vague needs, and hit the ball out of the park. I would not hesitate for a moment to contact Volcano City again when we choose to run another live, multi-language stream. Thank you!

Colin Jones


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