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The Partner:

Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, offering sports betting, bingo, poker, casino and games. The company currently fully localizes their web videos with Volcano City.

The Goal:

Unibet required relevant and engaging video content in multiple languages to address 5 of their key European markets for the majority of their verticals.

The Solution:

Volcano City produced high quality video tutorials and onboarding content for Unibet’s most important verticals: “How-to videos”, “Product Demos” and “Welcome Videos” for poker, casino, bingo, sportsbook, and the site-wide customer loyalty program.

Volcano City delivered over 25 original videos and over 100 fully localized videos, servicing multiple departments with one centrally-managed video project.

Unibet English
Unibet Norwegian
Unibet Dutch

The Pathway To Success

Using our unique and purpose-built animation workflow, we were able to deliver high quality video content at unrivaled costs and turnaround time.

During the project, Volcano City undertook the following steps:
Full platform investigation (we learned everything there was to know about their platform and customer experience across each region)
Detailed scripts and storyboards (illustrating the best way to convey their message in video)
Original video production (in English, allowing the central team to ensure each video was on-point before the localization process began)
Full video localization (localizing scripts, recruiting the best voice-over talent, and adjusting every visual element within the videos for regional accuracy)
Facilitated simultaneous delivery of all language streams to LiveStream and YouTube

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Here’s what Unibet shared about their experience with us:

Phenomenal execution at every stage. Volcano City provide detailed storyboards, take care of translation, voice over, animation and delivery. A pleasure to work with!

John-Paul Kamath

Head of Digital Content Marketing, Unibet

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