ELC Gaming

The Partner:

ELC Gaming is a tournament organizer and content creator in the world of eSports. With the world´s first mobile eSports Arena, the massive showtruck Big Betty, ELC brings eSports directly to the people. Alongside their Streaming Channel ELCGamingTV and Esport Arenas all over the world ELC connects the online world to live events.

The Goal:

ELC Gaming wanted to increase the viewership of their live event and engage fans across the world through live streams in multiple languages and on multiple platforms.

The Solution:

Volcano City provided secure cloud distribution of world feeds for influencers to comment on remotely. Volcano City designed, tested, and oversaw technical implementation, providing direct support during the event.

The Pathway To Success:

During the project, Volcano City undertook the following steps:


Consultation on optimal use of existing encoding hardware to produce high quality English and world feed streams


Continuous consultation, feedback and quality control of all aspects of the on-site production


Management of the technical relationship with all broadcast partners including liaison and testing to establish optimal stream specifications


Providing a cloud-based server infrastructure to enable on-location stream ingest and secure world feed distribution to six broadcast partners located in France, Russia, China & Korea.


Providing stream transcoding on a case-by-case basis to meet the requirements of multiple third party broadcast partners


Distribution of the English stream to Twitch and YouTube channels.


Continuous monitoring and management of all streams


Creating edited match highlights, branded and uploaded to YouTube

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