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Using Volcano City’s Live Streaming solution, playing tailored graphics or adverts during a live event can now be done remotely, with no need for you to invest in costly capital expenditure or staff training. Our team of experienced professionals will help you every step of the way, smoothly managing the process remotely from our bespoke Stream Control Centre.

We make it an easy process to re-version your Live Stream for different markets. There’s no need for special kit or pricey long-term contracts. Cloud graphics and server-side advertising playout services optimise your live events for multiple markets and in any language. By burning the graphics direct on to your Live Stream, we also ensure your ads are immune to ad-blockers and work on-the-fly to create localised feeds in multiple languages.

With Volcano City, you can be confident that your content will be delivered intact to all distribution platforms including social media; just push the signal towards our Stream Control Centre and we’ll handle the rest.

What can Volcano City do for you?

Create ad-breaks for different markets and languages

Need to announce a Twitter promo for the French market while running opt-out content for the American version of the show? Need a re-brand for Brazil while targeting German-speakers with tailored ads for their market? Volcano City’s playout solution is designed to work with all manner of Live Streams and remote commentary productions giving you maximum flexibility. Decisions can be taken on-the-fly allowing you to take creative control while coordinating with your marketing, PR and social media teams. Live streaming enables you to interact directly with audiences so you can monitor the success of your promotions and CTAs in real time.

Utilise server-side ad-insertion

Customise your message moment to moment

This process makes adverts immune to ad-blockers, and allows your sponsors to deliver their message straight into social media sites without lagging or buffering.

You can be assured that when you work with Volcano City, every aspect of your Live Stream production will be delivered to the audiences you wish to reach, in their preferred language, on the platform of their choice, and with your advertising selections intact.

The right graphic, the right message, the right language!


Our Live Stream playout in action

Our commitment to your Live Stream is unparalleled

If you want to reach people with content in their own language, on their preferred platform and on any device, then we can help you. Many of our clients come to us with highly complex video production requirements – but we love problem solving and will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs at a cost you can afford.

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