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What is webcasting and how can my company use it?

Webcasting, also known as Live Streaming, is the delivery of live video and/or audio over the internet, allowing users to watch your content via virtually any device. At Volcano City, we take your content and distribute it via one of the many global content distribution networks (CDNs). Volcano City uses the most up to date encoding methods to ensure a high-quality stream is delivered to your chosen CDN, or one of our partner CDNs. Once there, the Live Stream can be made accessible in a multitude of different formats, allowing universal accessibility to your live content.

What video solutions will work best to reach my target audience?

It all depends on who your audience is and on what you are trying to say to them. At Volcano City, we can help you devise tailored live and on demand video solutions to meet your requirements. Our highly skilled in-house production team produce video content for a wide variety of uses. We animate and incorporate footage into app promotion, product demonstration, sales and marketing videos and any other type of video production designed to enhance your message.

What different types of live event production can Volcano City help me with?

The simple answer is: all types. We have more than 10 years’ experience in live video production and are experts in helping our clients deliver Live Streams and on demand content from live events of all kinds. Our in-house team of specialists can enhance the global reach of your event by helping you to incorporating multi-language Live Streams, distributed to multiple platforms. Our technical Live Stream expertise combined with our bespoke remote commentary solution provides our clients with a global distribution network, seamlessly localised for regional deployment.

How can Volcano City help me provide multi-language Live Streams of our live events?

Multi-language Live Streams (or webcasts) typically require a vast amount of infrastructure as well as space to house it all. Commentary booths, mixing desks, operator consoles and miles of cable all take up room and cost money and require an incredible amount of logistical planning to get right. At Volcano City, we simplify the process completely with our bespoke remote commentary solution. As long as your commentators have a reliable internet connection, they can work from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the infrastructure footprint and drastically reduces you’re your outlay on travel and accommodation. Our custom-built remote commentary devices are compact and easy to use and we continuously monitor your Live Stream from our bespoke Stream Control Centre, providing technical support for the duration of your event. We manage all aspects of your multi-language live stream leaving you and commentary team free to focus on what you do best.

What is a Clean Feed?

A Clean Feed refers to the programme output from a live production without on-screen graphics. A clean feed is used in live streaming production to allow third parties to add their own on screen channel identifiers and graphics. At Volcano City, we use clean feeds to enable you to fully localise content in multiple languages. We manage the whole process on your behalf, targeting all graphics and advertising to ensure your regional viewers have the best possible experience of your live event.

What is a World Feed?

A World Feed (also referred to as an ‘International Feed’ is a version of a broadcast that that contains video, graphics and mixed ambient audio, but no commentary audio. World Feeds are often distributed to third parties so that they can reversion this content or integrate it into their own programme (an example of this would be two competing television stations broadcasting the same Football game with their own commentary and studio coverage. Volcano City securely distributes World Feeds to remote commentary teams to allow for cost-effective localisation from live events.

What is Remote Commentary?

Remote commentary is a solution which enables commentators to cover live events from virtually anywhere in the world. This allows your commentary team to speak directly to their audiences in their own language and add colour to your event without actually having to be there in person.

Other terms are used to describe remote commentators  in remote broadcast jargon such as in-studio-commentators, remote announcers, remote hosts

What can Remote Commentary be used for?

Remote commentary can be used to cover live events of any kind – and enable you to expand your reach to new audiences worldwide by providing commentary in multiple languages. At Volcano City we provide dedicated hardware to make this happen – and continuously monitor your live stream, providing technical support for the duration of your event.

How does the Remote Commentary service work?

We will guide your production team on how to create a World Feed of your show which is streamed to the Volcano City network. Using our bespoke Remote Broadcast Devices, your regional commentators can see the clean show, hear instructions from the director and commentate – in their own language – from their home country. All regional shows are delivered to our Stream Control Centre where they’re synced and remastered in preparation for global distribution. Our team of specialists at Stream Control Centre manages the localisation process while also providing remote support for all your commentary teams wherever they are. We can deliver your multi-language live stream to any CDN and/or online video platform. The end result is a live stream that allows viewers to select the commentary language that’s right for them.

What does Multi-Platform delivery mean?

Multi-platform delivery is the distribution of video content via traditional delivery channels, content distribution networks (CDNs) and social media channels. This syndication of content allows brands to engage in multi-channel marketing and provides your viewers with seamless, integrated and interactive access to what they love, wherever they are.

What platforms can you deliver to and how many?

At Volcano City, we can deliver to any platform. By delivering your Live Stream or on-demand content to your fans’ favourite social media channels, we help increase awareness of your brand, promote fan engagement and help boost conversions. Not only that, but we can help you do this in multiple languages, ensuring your viewers can view your Live Stream in their own language.

What is encoding?

For both live and video on demand, encoding is the process of preparing the output for channel delivery, whether that’s via the internet, IPTV, satellite or cable distribution. At Volcano City, we have developed state-of-the-art encoding techniques to ensure that your video content can be made universally accessible.

What is transcoding?

Transcoding allows already encoded video content to be redistributed on multiple platforms. The most commonly used codec for broadcast TV is MPEG-2, which is regularly converted for online distribution using the H.264 codec with AAC audio.

What is transmuxing?

Transmuxing converts files to a different format without changing the file contents.

What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming describes the process of broadcasting live video footage to an audience watching over the internet. It is also sometimes known as “webcasting” viewers can watch a Live Stream on any device, whether that’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or digital screen. The broadcast can be just video, audio or both

What is Playout?

Playout is a broadcast industry term which can describe hardware, software, cloud or other mechanisms used to play media “on-air”.  This is how adverts and other pre-recorded video pieces can be inserted into a live show

What is Redundancy Playback?

It’s pre-recorded video content wich goes on-air if being transmitted at the event’s location is ever interrupted? Also known as emergency content or emergency playback.

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