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Volcano City’s live streaming consultancy gives you concrete advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals. We offer full project management and prompt delivery of end-to-end, turnkey solutions whatever your live stream needs and requirements.

We take care of all technical aspects with a dedicated team of in-house specialists ensuring smooth running of your multi-language live stream throughout your event. That means no costly capital expense or staff training for you, and the reassurance that you’re working with a trusted partner who is overseeing the process every step of the way.

What can Volcano City do for you?

It may be complex, but we make it simple

With a team of experts based at our bespoke Stream Control Centre, we take care of all the logistics required to provide you with a high end live streaming and remote commentary solution.

We design and supply live streaming infrastructure and hardware installation with customised servers, multi language-encoders and commentary audio consoles that we have developed especially for our clients. We ensure full systems integration – so, you can leave all the “techie” business to us and focus on what you do best.

With 10 years’ experience in live video production combined with a love of technology, passion for innovation and penchant for out-of-the box thinking, we provide reliable solutions that will help substantially reduce your costs.

At Volcano City, we design and build custom hardware and software solutions to solve the most challenging niche requirements.

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Empowering you step-by-step to accomplish your goals

Whether you need to live stream around the world simultaneously in multiple languages or broadcast to a single audience from a private corporate meeting, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to offer guidance and overcome challenges. We offer market-leading technology and services to make your live stream run smoothly, easily and without fail – every single time.

You can be assured that when you work with Volcano City, every aspect of your live stream production will be delivered to the audiences you wish to reach, in their preferred language, and on the platform of their choice.


Whether you need to live stream around the world simultaneously in multiple languages or broadcast to a single audience from a private corporate meeting, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to solve issues and offer guidance. We offer market-leading technology and services to make your Live Stream runs smoothly, easily and without fail – every single time.


Volcano City will centrally manage all the technical aspects of your live streaming operation: on-site encoding, ingest points, hardware installation, remote audio acquisition, transcoding, multi-platform delivery and quality assurance. Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure you have an efficient single point of contact up to speed with every aspect of your Live Stream operation.


Volcano City designs and builds custom hardware, such as multi-language encoders, streaming media servers, remotely operated audio mixers and on-site encoding hardware. You get the benefit of our years of bespoke customisation experience.


We can integrate our multi-language solutions with your existing infrastructure or develop innovative new solutions on your behalf. We can integrate with any infrastructure, whether you’re using satellite down-link, optical fibre or IP.

Volcano City in action

We make Live Streaming easy

If you want to reach people with content in their own language, on their preferred platform and on any device, then we can help you. Many of our clients come to us with highly complex video production requirements – but we love problem solving and will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs at a cost you can afford.

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Volcano City is an innovative industry leader in live video streaming, multi-language live video content creation, remote commentary broadcasts and video encoding that can serve and deliver content to a wide array of video devices.

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