Live stream your services in multiple languages

Help your viewers be a part of your worship — anywhere, anytime and in any language of their choice. Truly spread your message in a global environment without traditional boundaries.

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Helping houses of worship in a digital era

A growing number of religious facilities offer service viewings in remote locations, allowing religious followers to participate worldwide. This alleviates overcrowded services and opens the doors for followers to appreciate religious services and events from everywhere.

Simultaneous Translation Broadcasting

If your congregation is multilingual you may already supply your worshippers with a simultaneous translation inside your House of Worship. Using our technology and our production expertise we can remotely live stream your simultaneous translations online, allowing you to engage multilingual worshippers anywhere in the world.

On-site simultaneous interpreters

Streams optimised and broadcasted simultaneously

Your message, heard everywhere

Why Live Stream your religious services?

Transcend the boundaries of a physical location

Our video solutions support the reality of communicating without walls or physical ability to attend worship. You can reach your members in the context of their lives and space rather than requiring the opposite.


Grow your congregation

Live Streaming your religious service in multiple languages can help you reach new followers.


Reach them anytime, anywhere on any device

Users can watch services from anywhere and any device, even if they cannot attend services in person. Live Streams can also be archived so that they are not only available in real-time, but also for people to access when it suits them.


Provide personalised service and contact

Create user-specific experience through targeting specific groups based on factors such as language and location.


Create an interactive experience

Provide a sense of being there for followers who can’t make services in person due to issues such as illness, travel or weather. Viewers can also participate through the a chat-box or email throughout the service.

Ready to learn more?

Video production experts you can trust

See our video solutions in action for Watchmen For The Nations!

  • Watchmen for the Nations had a challenge; to broadcast in 7 different languages from a location with limited bandwidth.
  • VC used cutting edge encoding solutions to reduce on-location bandwidth requirements to a minimum allowing Watchmen for the Nations to reach new audiences in Asia and Europe in 7 distinct languages via social media, eliminating CDN costs.
  • The result: 7 languages, 130 countries, 75,000 live viewers and 220,000 on-demand viewers.

Streaming went great in November! Both the technology and service provided by Volcano City was excellent – top notch!

Jeffrey Yim

Encoding Manager, Watchmen for the Nations

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