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The online gaming industry faces unique challenges in every country in which it operates. No set of rules and regulations it faces are the same and neither should be its video content. Our video localisation solutions help gaming companies deliver unique messages to their customers, in any language. Whether a live streaming solution to encompass remote commentary, or localised videos for several different markets, Volcano City are here to help deliver results to patrons around the globe.


The client required an effective way to provide video content for a growing number of verticals to a growing multilingual audience.


  • Volcano City scripted and storyboarded multiple original animated videos in English that covered a spectrum of onboarding, promotional and tutorial concepts.
  • Volcano City then fully localised each master video in as many as 8 languages changing graphics, written content and voice over where necessary.



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Engage online players through dynamic video content

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The possibilities are endless, so are the benefits. Here’s just some of the reasons why video content can transform customer experience:


Increase customer loyalty through multilingual content

Providing video content in a language which users understand is valuable as individuals feel valued.


Increase sales through video demonstrations and promotional videos

Explainer videos can help sell the product, through showcasing its features and benefits and allowing viewers to see it in action. In addition, marketing videos raise awareness of the product and can prove to be a valuable ROI.


Satisfy regulatory requirements

With over 10 years experience producing gaming content we are able to turn a complicated set of terms and conditions documents covering casino and sportsbook bonuses into digestible engaging bite-sized video content – then localise and change specifics for each of your markets.

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Problem: The fastest growing Bitcoin Casino required video to promote their business and educate their multi-cultural audience in the USPs of using BitCoin as a currency source.

We scripted, storyboarded and localised 8 videos in 5 languages, which were used as key assets in marketing efforts in European, Asian and Latin American markets.


BitCasino English


BitCasino Japanese


BitCasino Mandarin

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