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eSports profits from video solutions, namely remote commentary and multilingual streams in order to increase fan engagement across the globe

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Engage eSports fans through video content

eGaming and eSports, by their very nature, are clear beneficiaries from video solutions – particularly live streaming technology. Games are streamed online through a huge variety of sites providing free, high-quality live streaming. Many gamers have managed to build giant audiences and lucrative careers as a result.

eSports in action

ELC Gaming wanted to increase their audience and engage fans across the world using live streams in multiple languages and social media sites. Volcano City provided secure cloud distribution of international feeds for ito add remote commentary while providing direct support.

Video solutions for the eSports industry

We bring excitement to your eSports feed

Our video solutions not only support eSport’s basic functionality, but discover the additional benefits below!


Stream to multiple platforms

Simulcast eSports events to multiple platforms, including Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Gaming and Azubu.


Increase fan engagement with commentary in their language

Providing multilingual commentary seems the logical next step for the eSports industry, and could turn many gamers into global superstars.


Save on costs through remote commentary

Provide a scalable, cost-effective and fully managed solution that allows you to add an unlimited number of languages to your Live Streams.


Technical innovation

Implementation of new features, custom hardware, we are the go-to company for out-of-the box solutions.

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Volcano City is an innovative industry leader in live video streaming, multi-language live video content creation, remote commentary broadcasts and video encoding that can serve and deliver content to a wide array of video devices.

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