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Interested in Live Streaming to multiple platforms?

We stream live – any place, any platform, any language!

The growing popularity of social media platforms for live content – particularly Periscope, YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch – has given organisations opportunity to expand their reach and attract new audiences at very little cost. We can distribute your Live Stream to any social media platform ensuring you get maximum ROI on your content. As well as the above, other platforms include LiveStream, Ustream, Mixer and Smashcast.

Multi-platform delivery in multiple languages is our speciality and we can confidently deliver your live stream, intact and free from ad-blockers, to all available social media platforms.

What can Volcano City do for you?

We stream everywhere; we stream for you


Experts in Live Streaming – 10 years experience devising cost-effective solutions for delivery and distribution to platforms of all kinds, from any location


Provide clients with a complete end-to-end solution, leaving you free to focus on what you do best


We can advise you on the best path to effective distribution, or help you enhance your existing processes to achieve maximum impact


Help you engage your audiences wherever they are watching, and on any device they’re using


Our video production specialists are experts in broadcasting, Live Streaming and encoding hardware manufacture


We are happy to coordinate our resources towards whatever works best for you and the delivery of your message

Volcano City is CDN independent

We can work with any CDN / delivery partner

A content delivery network is a series of repeating servers which delivers your content around the globe. CDNs automatically increase capacity so that a limitless number of viewers can watch your broadcast simultaneously. We are CDN independent and can enable effective integration with any platform. We’re happy to work with your current CDN or help you choose the right CDN partner to fit your budget and technical specification.

Monetize your live stream with Volcano City

Generate revenue through your live stream

We will guide you every step of the way in the technical implementation of the most commonly used monetization models for live event content. There are numerous ways in which you can monetize your stream, including:


Viewers pay a monthly or yearly fee to get access to your live and/or on-demand content


Viewers can access some or all of your content after making a one-off online payment


Viewers can donate direct while watching your live stream, great for houses of worship and charities


Ad-revenue charges for adverts inserted into the Live Stream feed, both player-side and server-side

Looking for bespoke implementation?

Customised services are our speciality

We can customise delivery so that your Live Stream is distributed exactly the way you want, to a content delivery network and/or social media platforms of your choosing. This can include:


Opt-outs allow distribution to discrete regions and target markets while excluding viewers from other regions.


Work with satellite partners to supply reliable and stable uplinks and downlinks.


Deploy our end-to-end solution that can help you test the waters in international markets.

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