Video marketing has long progressed from being exclusive to television broadcasters and a select number of major brands with big pockets. It’s now even accessible to small businesses. Why? Decreasing cost and technological improvements.

Is it big? The answer is yes, the two most well-funded and powerful web conglomerates YouTube and Facebook are fighting a fierce battle for the domination of video content dissemination and video advertisement.

Why is a video so important for them:

Simply put, a video is more engaging and future generations (millennial, Y generation or TLDR generation (that’s short for too long didn’t read), will overwhelmingly choose a video over an article. In an already oversaturated market, not having video equates to brand suicide. All evidence backs the claim. 69% of all internet traffic is now video, and conversion rates for video ads and content are way higher than other types of content.



video marketing planning
  • Don’t use an in-your-face sales pitch
  • Tell an engaging story
  • Provide perspective
  • Make it memorable


Now let’s sit back and enjoy some of the big brand’s greatest marketing hits.


Google Android: “Friends Furever”

“Friends Furever” was the most shared video advert of 2015. Sweet and sentimental without being too cloying. These unlikely animal friends may not have much to do with mobile operating systems, but its undertones of connectedness, friendship, and emotional fulfilment gel nicely with the brand. It’s simple, it’s shareable, and it has almost universal appeal. This video was born to go viral.

Reebok: “25,915 Days”

This Reebok commercial stands out as one of the most memorable recent video ads. It’s based on a simple but innovative premise: the average human being lives for 25,915 days. The ad focuses on what happens when those days are spent pushing the body to its physical limits. Day numbers in the background reflect people’s ages, as the video syncs up inspirational athletics and fitness footage with an upbeat soundtrack.

The countdown motif creates a very subtle sense of urgency — not enough to make viewers feel too uncomfortable, but enough to create an aura of suspense and intensity. Reebok cultivates a “tough fitness” theme in their advertising. What greater obstacle, is there, than one’s own mortality?

John Lewis: Man on the Moon

This soft, sentimental video tells the story of a young girl with a telescope. On the moon’s surface, she makes an astonishing discovery: an elderly gentleman living a quiet life in a small shack. She connects with the old man by sending him a telescope of his own, which allows him to enjoy the sights and atmosphere of Christmas. The story is compelling and well-told, without the need for any dialogue. It feels more like an artistic short film than an advertisement for a department store, and it may be one of the finest advertisements ever made.


Intel: “Meet the Makers”

Intel’s five-part “Meet the Makers” series spotlights the people who use their products, framing their narratives as unforgettable stories of talent, innovation, and overcoming adversity. Instead of focusing on the products themselves in isolation, the series focuses on what those products can accomplish on a broader scale.


GoPro: “Fireman Saves a Kitten”

In their “Fireman Saves a Kitten” video, the company took a radically different approach from their usual adrenaline-fueled branding. This video shows a unique perspective of a relatively mundane occurrence: a fireman rescuing a kitten from a building. It tugs at your heartstrings because it’s a kitten, but it doesn’t shove sentimentality in your face. It also drives home the fact that GoPro isn’t just for extreme sports fans expanding to new audiences.


The don’ts of video marketing illustrated.

When video marketing works, it can bring an enormous return on investment. But what happens when companies get it wrong? A great example is this September 11th themed mattress ad. Yes, you read that correctly. Invoking a national tragedy to sell products is always dicey. It was tacky when people did it in 2002, and it’s still tacky today.



The power of video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective channels for reaching customers. If you can tell a great story, make people laugh, or incite a genuine emotional response, even the most ad-averse people will get something positive out of your content.

For global audiences, you can also localize videos with linguistic translation and other changes to better appeal to specific regional audiences. At Volcano City, our video localization service focuses on retaining the original meaning, narrative, and emotional appeal of your video marketing, while optimizing it for a different audience.

Check out our example videos to see the different types of videos that we offer.

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