Stream Control Is Essential

Technological advances mean it is now possible for houses of worship of all kinds to reach out to the faithful right across the globe. But a lack of in-house IT skills is hampering efforts by many religious organizations to deliver their message to existing followers or grow their congregations in new domains.

For many religious bodies, live streaming now forms an integral and essential role in how they communicate. Churches all over the world are now webcasting their weekly services, sermons, masses, and other events to the faithful. And that’s where live stream control teams come in.

Your charismatic leader and his or her hard-working team are truly inspired when it comes to spreading the word of God, but how do they get on with the tech side of things, the nuts-and-bolts of live streaming technology such as On-site encoding, Live Stream management, Cloud Distribution or Remote Voice Acquisition.

The Value Of Expert Support

Stream Control for houses of worship

The “techy bits” are the bits that, in all honesty, you shouldn’t even have to be thinking about. If you’re aiming to broadcast in multiple languages, or communicate your message across a range of different platforms, then you really should be considering hiring in broadcast IT skills that can look after your complex live streaming project on your behalf.

Live Streaming enables you to communicate with followers right across the globe so it makes sense to maximize your reach by placing content on as many platforms as possible. You should be aiming to reach followers wherever they are, whether that’s YouTube, Periscope or Facebook Live. Simultaneous delivery to social media platforms is just a no-brainer these days – all these platforms are free and you can broadcast to all of them at the same time.

The Advantages of a Stream Control Team

A centrally managed live stream, using an external steam control team, enables you to achieve all your goals without consuming any additional bandwidth at your location. You can rest assured that your broadcast is in the hand of experts, with 24 / 7 engineering and account handling support.

At Volcano City, we have more than a decade of experience in helping organisations of all kinds live stream their events in multiple languages. Our encoding hardware is custom built to deliver the power and performance your broadcast requires.

With onward distribution to any digital platform or device, we also ensure your production feeds are delivered safely and securely to the people who matter most – your followers. Not only that, but we’re friendly (!) and won’t bamboozle you with jargon or invoice you later with hidden “costs” that you knew nothing about.

We ensure you have robust connections to the internet and help you control and manage your live feeds for onward distribution to dozens of different types of platforms.

Thanks to live streaming, your members can embrace your message every day – wherever they are – and we are here to help you achieve that goal. And if you haven’t even considered live streaming, then we would love to explain the benefits to you and explain why you should be seriously looking to implement live streams as part of your communication goals.

There are myriad advantages but one that is immediately appealing is that live streaming enables you to grow – not just geographically, but also financially, with followers able to support your organization via online, real-time donations.

In many ways, churches and other religious bodies face the same issues that organisers of any live event are up against. Limited capacity is one, fixed locations another. Live streaming enables you to ignore those barriers completely – and spread your message to would-be followers in locations all over the world.

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