Live Stream Control Center

A live stream control center is a managed service that you employ to technically mange, monitor, distribute and troubleshoot live streaming projects. Manged live stream control centers are regularly employed by niche sports organisations, church streamers, webcast producers and companies who wish to live stream at scale – especially those that wish to implement live stream personalisation.

A live stream control center is staffed by streaming engineers, network managers, production teams and live stream control room operators. They offer 24 / 7 support 365 days a year and cover multiple aspects of remote production with an emphasis on live stream management for a range of clients.

Why You Need A Live Stream Control Center

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If you are an organisation who currently live streams or has an appetite to live stream then consider utilising a live stream control room. Such facilitates are staffed by experienced, friendly and approachable staff. They exist to provide you remote technical management of your live stream. In particular they help with live stream personalisation. They are a must have for companies who want to use remote commentary, stream in multiple languages, use localised live graphics and send their live streams to multiple platforms at the same time.


A full stack managed service staffed by highly experienced live stream engineers and production personal are your disposal 24 / 7 during your live stream production.

A dedicated account manager who works with your team during pre-production, production and post production analysis is available on skype, phone and email every minute of your production. There is NO ticketed support. You have real world, real person assistance as part of the Live Stream Control Room experience. 



Every production has it’s nuanced problems. What better service can a company offer than laser focus it’s staff who have a combined 50 years of live streaming experience onto your production to increase it’s efficiency with better work flows, technology and general management?

Receive IMMEDIATE responses to technical issues you may be experiencing from friendly, approachable and seasoned staff and who understand the pressures of a live environment.



Live Streaming is like abseiling. All that matters is the the connection you have to the internet (or the cliff!) is fit for purpose, reliable safe and secure. Unfortunately, the public internet is often fraught with small technical issues that cause live streams to fail. A live stream control room is your ultimate redundancy option.

Not only does it lower the requirement for on-site bandwidth but live stream control centers distribute your feeds to your chosen platforms.



With a fully managed stream control center based off-site you save huge money on travel, accommodation and equipment transportation. Drastically reduce the cost of capital expenditure if you are an equipment purchaser by hiring a remote stream control center with transparent pricing models.

Plug in and stream to a managed stream control center and benefit immediately from a range of hired services whether it be live stream monitoring, remote commentary, live localized graphics, social media streaming, OTT streaming and world class advice.



Live Streaming is a global project regardless of the size of your organisation. Audiences can view your live stream wherever they are in the world. It’s also highly likely that you will be distributing your feed to well known digital platforms that are located in different parts of the world. If you implement live stream personalisation services you will also have to deal with personalising your feeds for specific audiences, languages and platforms. This ultimately takes a great deal of co-ordination and expertise to execute a) properly b) cost-effectively and c) at a high quality so as not to impact the viewers experience of your live streams.

A live stream control center’s main purpose is to efficiently and cost effectively deal with complex live streaming projects at scale, on a global level. Employing the managed services consisting of experienced staff at low cost will make a huge difference to your production, deliverables, your audience and importantly your bottom line!



Providing live video content to your audiences is fast becoming one of the best forms of digital engagement in your marketing arsenal. What better way to engage and audience than by giving them the content they want, on a platform they love in a language they understand?

With a live stream personalisation option offered by Live Stream Control Center companies you are in safe hands. You can quickly and effortlessly add a remote commentating infrastructure to your live production. Commentators, influencers and content creators can remotely add foreign language audio and visuals to  your world feed.  In addition, you can easily add localised live graphics and regionalised VT packages in-stream into any feed that is distributed via the stream control center. Now, not only can your audience watch and listen to a live stream in their own language but they can also ready and engage with marketing messages in their mother tongue and watch add-block free video adverts in their native language. It’s a win-win situation for both audience and producer!


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