Marie-Julie Fleury leads Volcano City’s in house studio team and works with trusted contractors to produce our on demand video content.  MJ manages briefs, scheduling, creative design and implementation across all studio output.  Our creative studio produces original, creative and bespoke video content in over 30 languages. Marie-Julie is multi-skilled and an extraordinarily talented technical and creative artist. She has illustration, 2D/3D animation, non-linear editing, audio production and live production skill sets which greatly enhance our briefs and output.

I trained as a video editor but quickly realised I wanted to tell stories in motion rather than just with real footage.

Fave thing about working at VC:
Trusting atmosphere; we can always rely on each other

Fave project you’ve worked on at VC:
A motion design piece for Bitcasino where I was involved from start to finish

Best thing about your role?
Finishing and delivering a piece I’ve worked on for weeks and discovering the clients love it

Volcano City in 3 words:
Friendly. Reliable. Adaptable.

What makes VC unique?
We have a huge number of skill sets across a relatively small team

Best thing about the VC team:
We’re always aiming to progress

What tech thing has most inspired you recently?
Adobe Character Animator being used live on TV shows

How many coffees in a day?
No coffee.  Six cups of tea please

Interesting fact about you?
I play the harmonica.  Well sometimes …

What inspires you generally?
Colours / light / mood in photography, illustration, films, outdoors

Why do you think clients work with us?
Our commitment to answering their needs or finding suitable solutions, whatever  their budget and / or time constraints

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