Hassan began his media career in early 2002, working in TV production. He co-founded Volcano City in 2006 with entrepreneur Ben Bard: servicing international clients with video production, live streams and platform infrastructure in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Volcano City designs, manufactures and installs technical live streaming solutions for clients worldwide as well as consulting on live and video on demand platform solutions. Using custom-built equipment and workflows, Volcano City helps clients simultaneously stream in multiple languages to millions of viewers worldwide and deliver output to dozens of managed channel partners around the world on clients’ behalf.

Hassan has a vast knowledge of live streaming and video platform management.  He works closely with clients to find the most efficient, scalable and cost effective solutions and uses a common sense approach when liaising with both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Hassan helps manage the KPIs at director level for crucial suppliers and manages accounts for Tier 1 clients while also helping to develop the company’s infrastructure.

TV and Media, Entrepreneur, Technology

Fave thing about working at VC:
Watching our company grow and making clients smile

Fave project you’ve worked on at VC:
Can’t choose! Working here is my ongoing favourite project

Best thing about your role?
I get to hire people who are better than me!

Volcano City in 3 words:
Committed. Proactive. Trustworthy.

What makes VC unique?
We love challenges. Our experience means we know we can find solutions for our clients and will work with them to make sure that happens.

Best thing about the VC team:
Motivated. Conscientious, detail-oriented. Fun to work with.

What tech thing has most inspired you recently?
A platform that allows African emigrants to purchase goods and services for their families back home.

How many coffees in a day?
Enough to kill a small horse.

Interesting fact about you?
I do TM, I sit on a swiss ball, I like dog training but I’m not good at it.

What inspires you generally?
Quirky thinkers. Honesty. Anything outside!

Why do you think clients work with us?
Fundamentally, they trust that we will look after them – deliver what they need and do it with good humour and a friendly approach. Almost all of our work comes by referral. That makes me happy.

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