Christopher has a passion for production technology. He is part of Volcano City’s technical team that designs, builds and implements all our technical solutions. He also happens to have a background in event installation which provides a useful and unique perspective for our clients hosting live events.

Hardware designer and fabricator specialising in live video production and lighting.

Fave thing about working at VC:
The relaxed atmosphere, and challenging environment.

Fave project you’ve worked on at VC:
The development of our new Remote Commentary Console.

Best thing about your role?
It’s great being given independence when working on technical projects and being trusted to carry the project forward.

Volcano City in 3 words:
Awesome. Challenging. Fun.

What tech thing recently has most inspired you?
Touch Designer. Also LTSpice which is software that lets us simulate electrical circuits for prototyping and developing.

How many coffees in a day?
Absolutely none.

Interesting fact about you?
I am a VJ Rockstar.

What inspires you generally?
Overcoming challenging situations or problems.

Why do you think clients work with us?
We’re reliable, diverse and never back down from a problematic situation.

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