Ben manages our language service providers for all our multi-language video content. He works very closely with our studio team in refining animation workflows so they fit seamlessly into our localisation processes. He works with our multi-national pool of professional voiceover artists who provide localised and regional voiceovers.

Ben has a decade of experience in film, TV and video production. He has worked in multiple roles on film shoots and live events. Formerly an audio engineer, he now has hundreds of hours of shooting, editing and live directing under his belt. His combination of engineering expertise, production know-how and meticulous attention to detail makes him invaluable to the Volcano City team

Studied audio engineering and video production and worked as a freelance camera operator / editor before joining the Volcano City team.

Fave thing about working at VC:
The variety of projects we get to work on. There’s always something a little bit different.

Fave project you’ve worked on at VC:
Shooting a video with Spanish tennis legend Rafa Nadal in the historic Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco.

Best thing about your role?
Working with really creative people; we’ll always come up with great ideas to solve any problem

Volcano City in 3 words:
Professional. Friendly. Fun.

What makes VC unique?
Unlike a lot of other companies I’ve come across, Volcano City has a really warm and friendly attitude towards clients

Best thing about the VC team:
Relaxed atmosphere, which makes for a great working environment.

What tech thing has most inspired you recently?
Voice recognition technology has come a long way over the last few years. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll allow us to do in the future.

How many coffees in a day?
Absolutely zero. None. No coffee!

Interesting fact about you?
I’m a musician: keyboard, guitar and drums (but not all at once)

What inspires you generally?
Making video content that’s captivating for people to watch.

Why do you think clients work with us?
Because what we produce is always of the highest standard.

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