As Managing Director, Ben makes sure Volcano City runs smoothly at all times. He is responsible for all facets of internal practices, development and staffing. Ben is a committed technologist and entrepreneur whose “devil is in the detail” mantra proves time and again to be the basis of our success when it comes to planning, designing and implementing services.

Once a client comes on board, Ben and the team work closely with them to understand their needs, devise a strategy, build the required technology and deliver the required service, on time and within budget.

Ben has had a colourful career to date. He was a high stakes professional poker player for more than 10 years, taking advantage of the internet poker boom, before joining forces with Hassan to found Volcano City. He has since worked in every area of the company, helping to refine processes and instigate new procedures which allow the company to flourish and grow.

Background: High Stakes Poker Player, Entrepreneur.

Fave thing about working at VC:
Finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

Fave project you’ve worked on at VC:
Building a multi-language, multi-contributor, multi-platform infrastructure for live streaming.

Best thing about your role?
Witnessing what is achievable when a focused and talented team work together.

Volcano City in 3 words:
Dependable. Ambitious. Savvy.

What makes VC unique?
The way we work with clients – embracing goals and addressing hurdles as if they were our own. Our operational outlook is not driven by sales and covering our ass – it’s driven by our customers’ success.

Best thing about the VC team:
Everyone gets that seamless execution and customer service are our top priorities.

What tech thing has most inspired you recently?
Augmented reality.

How many coffees in a day?
It’s better measured in coffees per hour.

Interesting fact about you?
I can play the piano in over 8 languages.

What inspires you generally?
Dispelling misconception. Optimisation. Elegant solutions.

Why do you think clients work with us?
We know what we’re talking about and we deliver what we say we’re going to. Our live streaming solutions and customer services are world class and we offer a great deal of value to companies who are looking to maximise reach and engagement.

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