Remote Production

Remote production is a method of creating live broadcasts at a distance from your event by sending video, audio and equipment control over a managed telecommunications infrastructure to a centrally managed live stream control centre.

Remote production in tandem with a stream control center or live stream M.C.R is a cost effective and efficient way to reduce bottle necks in production. Live stream production is a resource intense undertaking. A combination of modern workflows, technology and experienced staff working remotely will be the key to great amounts of live content and substantially lower prices.

3 Benefits of Remote Production

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Companies who have multiple events that overlap or have an intense production frequency in multiple locations will certainly benefit from remote production techniques. By delivering raw video and audio from your event to a single centrally managed live stream control centre you will automatically benefit from logistical, human resource and equipment bottle necks that may be plaguing your budget and your capacity.

Live video delivered to partner CDNs, social streaming sites or indeed partner channels is set to rise exponentially over the next five years. Organisations that adopt remote production techniques will be early beneficiaries of reduced costs, streamlined work flows and  greater audience engagement. 


Your audience love to watch content on specific platforms. They also love to watch content in their own language. Audience expectations will soon be such that they demand content on their favourite platforms with live video graphics and adverts or company messaging in their native tongue. Traditionally, this was an extremely expensive undertaking – only implemented by the richest and largest of broadcasting companies. Thankfully, this no longer has to be the case and organisations of any size can undertake live stream personalisation by harnessing the power of fully managed services.

Add remote commentary, remote localised live graphics and regional AND platform specific adverts that are ad-block free into your live stream for a fully personalised feed. Hyper targeting increases viewer engagement, experience and ultimately leads to greater exposure for your production. 



Broadcast technology is moving forward at a dazzling rate. There is no doubt at all that productions will grow stronger and more engaging as a result of advances in technology. However broadcast technology isn’t the saviour of every production. You still require experienced, committed and diligent technical production staff to work on your productions. This is especially important in the live broadcast arena.

One of the benefits of a live stream control center in tandem with remote production techniques answers this specific worry. Imagine running a live production and at the other end of the phone, email, skype or webchat was a seasoned technical manager entirely dedicated to your production. Imagine, that standing behind that person, was a team of operators, engineers and service staff ready to work on your production and solve your problems. Now imagine not having to pay travel and accommodation costs  for each of those people let alone equipment hire costs in different countries. With the reduction in human resources needs, equipment needs and thus venue size needs shrinking your budget can now be re-assigned to on screen talent, distribution and advertising. 


If  you need advice, want to chat about your live streaming project or generally just find out how a live stream control center works then why not contact us to find out more.

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