Cable operators continue to lose ground to OTT providers…

Many people are beginning to hate cable and cable packages. It’s expensive, offers poor choice, antiquated technology offerings, inflexible ways to view your content and generally seems sucky compared to what’s on offer via the web.

Some Stats:
Almost 60% of Americans pay for either Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu
Almost 40% of those households are Netflix subscribers. Amazon takes second with Hulu in third.
Almost 5% of households subscribe to niche and or less well known live streaming services
By the end of 2017 roughly 75% of households are expected to have a TV subscription
By the end of 2017 it is expected that there will only be a 10% difference between those households that pay for TV vs those that stream.
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What do people want?

Effectively, people want to build their own playlists from the content the love. They only want to pay for the stuff they enjoy. They don’t want to buy bundled channels. They don’t want to pay ridiculous monthly costs and or be subject to annual contracts. They want to have synced devices giving them viewing flexibility.

Great for consumers. Sucky for the cable operators.

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Niche Sports get a year-round platform with the Olympic Channel

The Olympic movement and partners are doubling down with a new channel “Olympic Channel: Home of team USA” this is an Americanised version of the global channel that the I.O.C launched in 2016. In partnership with I.O.C, US Olympic Committee and NBC Universal. Attention will focus (as you would imagine) largely on US athletes and events. One would imagine however that a lot of content from the international circuits, personalities and events will be re-purposed for the new channel.

What’s more, instead of focusing on just the competition the channel will focus heavily on personalities and of course – the hardest part of any competitor’s life – training! So if you’re interested how many arrows an Olympic archer needs to fire to before he hits his mark on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – be sure to tune in.

Where to watch?

Live Streaming on the
Live Streaming on the Olympic Channel App
NBC Sports App
YouTube TV

The ultimate goal? Increase exposure of sports that could do with a little bit of embracing and grow the Olympic fanbase.

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Remote Production gets a shot in the arm with Panasonic NDI friendly cameras

What is NDI?
Basically, it allows video, audio, tally, camera control and power to be carried over an Ethernet cable. Shimples.

What’s new?
Well, lots and lots is new about NDI – and we can focus on that in other post. However, right now – if you’re a camera aficionado then the Panasonic have just released camera models with NDI HX Support.

Panasonic has introduced a line of pro PTZ cameras with integrated NDI support. The new AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70, and AW-HN130 models can be auto-detected on an NDI network, allowing easier integration with other NDI-compatible products.

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