Localisation blogs: you can’t ignore the trends

When you’re targeting global audiences with marketing content and media, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments using localisation blogs. But where do you start?

Top 10 localization blogs to help you stay updated

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We recommend these ten localisation blogs for their insightful articles, helpful commentary, and innovative thinking. Written by localisation experts, they’re an excellent way to keep up with new trends and opportunities in our exciting industry.


Moravia’s localisation blog

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Moravia is a company that provides translation and localisation services for several industries, notably engineering and the life sciences. We recommend their post about localising for consumers in the United States. US residents don’t often think about the challenges of localising for their own region. But, for foreign companies entering a US market, localisation is an important concern. Based in the Czech Republic, Moravia’s blog provides a fascinating new perspective.


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WeLocalize provides global language and localisation solutions for a variety of industries, including legal services, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance, and consumer products. We were intrigued by their article about localisation challenges for content marketing, which focuses on the importance of planning and strategy.

Jensen Localization

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Did you know that September 30th was International Translation Day? Jensen Localisation blog reminded us just that. Their focus on translation and language services brings a fascinating perspective informed by academic linguistics. Their passion for words shows through in their blog content, setting them apart from the crowd.

Multilingual Mag

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Multilingual Mag is an online publication dedicated to the intersection of technology, language, and business. They require a subscription, but their content is well worth it. You can view a sample issue here. They’re one of the best localisation blogs in the industry. A reliable source of news, insights, and detailed analysis.

GALA Global

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The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an organisation for professionals in the localisation industry. They provide a bias-free platform for discussion, information sharing, collaboration, and professional development. We enjoyed their article about quality estimation, a technological approach to ensuring the quality of machine translations without relying on human oversight.


LingoHub provides online translation tools and services, with a workflow designed to integrate into the product development process. Their article about the difference between a translation memory and a term base is a recommended read for newcomers to the localisation industry.

Phrase App

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Phrase provides a translation management solution for web apps and mobile apps, along with plenty of informative and helpful content for industry professionals. Aimed at developers, their blog is unique in its technical focus. One great example of their content is the article about JavaScript localisation.


Lionbridge is the world’s largest translation and localisation company, and their blog is an excellent resource. People often think of language translation when they think of localisation, but we enjoyed the insights in their article about localisation for visual design.

Get Localization

Get Localisation offers translation management software. Their blog is a fascinating read, often drawing on recent academic and scientific research into cognitive linguistics. Check out this article about very early linguistic development in neonates.

Women in Localization

women in localisation

Women in Localisation was founded in 2008 as a nonprofit organisation for women in the localisation and globalisation industries. They recently conducted an interview with Teresa Marshall, the Localization Director at Salesforce, which is definitely worth a read.

These are just a few of the many localization blogs that are out there. However, in our opinion, they’re some of the best. Each one has a unique outlook and perspective, and if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest industry developments, they’re all worth following.

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