Live Stream Personalisation at SVG Europe 2017

We will be exhibiting our Live Stream Personalisation managed services at the SVG Europe 2017 Sports Video Production Summit. Here are five key reasons why you pop over to our stand and have a chat with us.


Remote Commentary Solutions

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At Volcano City, we offer fully managed Remote Commentary Solutions for niche sports organisations. With our bespoke hardware up to 3 commentators per team can commentate offsite using our broadcast quality Remote Commentary Console. They can also include off-site guests into their commentary via an IP call on any peripheral device that has a ¼ audio jack.

Save money on travel, accommodation, venue space and engineers. We can remotely manage dozens of commentators from our Stream Control Center

Localised Graphics

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Insert CTAs, ad messages, general viewer messages and much more in your target language by utilising our localised graphics services. We can deliver regionalised graphics on each of your local language live streams. Give your viewers a truly personalised live stream experience by providing them content in a language they understand. We receive pre-produced content for pre-arranged play out or deliver content on the fly if required – we’re flexible!

Multi-Platform Delivery

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Using our robust infrastructure (co-located in the cloud and physically in our stream control center) we can distribute your feeds to multiple digital platforms simultaneously. You may want to deliver feeds to social platforms, OTT platforms, affiliate platforms, partner MCR stations, internally and to public video channels. Our managed live stream personalisation services can cater for your every need.

On location, bandwidth is expensive, time-consuming to install and comes with a myriad of options and contractual agreements with your venue. We help cut all those problems out. Simply deliver  your world feed to us (and we can help with that side of things) using a common internet bandwidth and we will take care of the rest.

Social Media Streaming

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Social streaming is growing. People may love your content but they also love specific platforms. The key to growing your audience is to provide content where your viewers like to watch. We can deliver your feed to a growing number of social platforms. Utilising our regional live graphics play out and our regional in-stream ad play out you can hyper target messages per platform and per language. Our key goal is to provide remote production flexibility for your broadcasts.

Live Stream Experts

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We are live streaming experts with a rare combination of production experience, technology chops and problem solving skills. In essence, we are a solutions provider for companies and niche sport organisations that have complex production requirements, tight budgets and the desire to appeal to new audiences.  Feel free to browse our success stories for further insights into how we have helped organisations around the world.

We hope to be able to chat to you at SVG Europe this coming Thursday.

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