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Ten years ago we started out as a small “guerilla-style” production outfit shooting video from live events simply because we loved doing it. We filmed footage to entertain our friends and made snappy video blogs for forward-thinking clients. It turned out that that our passion for “doing what we love” resonated with a large number of corporate-types as well. Riveted by the latest technology, we expanded our efforts and were soon providing formatted video blogs from multiple concurrent events.

After producing some 12,000 videos, we started developing live streaming capability for our clients. Our focus was always from “the bottom up” – what do people love watching, what do our clients need? We realised localisation is key and started producing multilingual live streams for clients all over the world. As our technology expertise grew, we were able to provide increasingly sophisticated solutions, enabling our clients to offer global video content to all their fans and deliver localised content in multiple languages to a host of different platforms simultaneously.
Not only do we love new technology, we also love problem solving. We decided to design, build and implement workflows from scratch, enabling us to live stream complex projects in more than 10 languages and insert localised video content and graphics in every stream.
Word soon got around that a quiet little company in Scotland was at the forefront of delivering innovative live streaming and localisation solutions for clients worldwide. We scaled back on active onsite involvement and instead turned our attention to making our services accessible to a wider range of clients. We now specialise in creating managed, flexible services for companies keen to strengthen and amplify their brands globally through affordable, multi-language live streaming and localised video content.

Volcano City is passionate about online video

Our goal is to amplify the reach, quality and impact of your live or on-demand content.

We aim to strengthen and amplify the reach, quality and impact of our clients’ live or video on demand content. Audiences want access to the content they love without cultural, location or language barriers. They love content that’s:

Your Video

Delivered in any preferred language

Your Content

Viewable on any platform of choice

Your Message

Watch on any device, anytime
We’re passionate about online video – and good thing too, because Cisco estimates that video will constitute 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

What can Volcano City do for you?

Every day we provide solutions that amplify brands through video.

If you want to reach people with content in their own language, on their preferred platform and on any device, then we can help you. Many of our clients come to us with highly complex video production requirements – but we love problem-solving and will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs at a cost you can afford.

See What We Did For ..

See What We Did For ..

See What We Did For ..

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Here’s who will be working for you

Meet the very passionate team who will be working with you on your next project. You can be sure that we treat your project with as much care and importance as if it were produced for our own brand. We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.
Hassan Peymani

Hassan Peymani

CEO / Co-founder

Fave thing about working at VC:
Watching our company grow and making clients smile.
Ben Bard

Ben Bard

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Best thing about the VC team:
Everyone gets that customer service is our #1 priority.
Steven Reilly

Steven Reilly


Why do clients work with us?
Because of the personal, bespoke, ‘always-on’ service that we provide.
Andres Vargas

Andres Vargas


Best thing about the VC team:
We’re based in Edinburgh. It’s my new home. I love this city.
Marie-Julie Fleury

Marie-Julie Fleury

Head of Studio

What tech has inspired you?
Adobe Character Animator being used live on TV shows.
Ben Grieve

Ben Grieve

Localisation Vendor Manager

Interesting fact about you?
I’m a musician: keyboard, guitar and drums (but not all at once)!
Christopher Dodds

Christopher Dodds

Technical Integrator

What makes clients work with us?
We’re reliable, diverse and never back down from a problematic situation.

What can you expect from Volcano City?

A partner to amplify your brand through video

Our technology expertise coupled with a flexible, creative approach and extensive production experience places us in a unique position to help you amplify your brand to your global audience. Plus, we are friendly and approachable; we won’t drown you with jargon, we’ll just help you do what you want to do. We deliver: on time, on budget and with the rock-solid service you expect from a trusted partner.

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Volcano City is an innovative industry leader in live video streaming, multi-language live video content creation, remote commentary broadcasts and video encoding that can serve and deliver content to a wide array of video devices.

Note: our site features client work and demo projects in order to showcase the wide variety of skills we can bring to your project. Contact us to work on your video requirements today!


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