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Engage your audiences with the power of online video! With online video currently accounting for 74% of all online traffic, make this the year you get video working for you. Volcano City specializes in the delivery and distribution of your message around the world. Click below to learn more about our key service areas:

What we do

We use technology to amplify your brand and give you global reach

Volcano City are video production experts with 10 years’ rock solid experience in providing international, multilingual video productions – from live streaming at events to animated “explainer” videos, fully localised and tailored for your audiences wherever they are.

We don’t just understand the latest technology, we are the latest technology and have helped innovate many cutting-edge solutions for a multitude of clients across the globe. Our video and content solutions enable the smooth running of live streaming and on demand productions and ensure your content gets to where it needs to be, in every language you need.

We can deliver your content to any online platform simultaneously

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Delivered in any preferred language

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Viewable on any platform of choice

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Who we are

Broadcast Experts. Stream Innovators. Proactive Problem Solvers.

Volcano City is a leading provider of video solutions for companies and organisations of all kinds who want to strengthen and amplify their brand through exciting, multilingual and localised content. We are proven experts in helping clients engage fans and users in their own language.

Our goal is to help you expand the reach, quality and impact of all your live and/or video on demand (VOD) content so it has the maximum impact. Your audiences should always have easy access to all your content – location and language should never be barriers to watching what they love.

Meet our team

Passionate about online video, the team at Volcano City are video production experts with 10 years international production experience. We have delivered thousands of videos and thousands of hours of live streams in multiple languages for global clients. Unleash our expertise on your next project!

Hass Peymani

Hass Peymani

Director / Co-founder

○ More about Hass

Ben Bard

Ben Bard

Director / Co-founder

○ More about Ben

Steven Reilly

Steven Reilly

Head of Operations

○ More about Steven

Andres Vargas

Andres Vargas

Head of Business Development

○ More about Andres

See what we’ve done

We’ve developed solutions for a wide variety of partners – see what we could do for you!


Live Video Solutions


Video Localisation Solutions

Got a video project in mind?

See what we can do for you

Research Thoroughly. Stream Easily.

When it comes to production, this is our mantra.

As production perfectionists, we are constantly evaluating, designing and building solutions that allow us to add value for our clients – creating productions from scratch, full localisation and content distribution wherever you want it. View our main types of solutions below and click the relevant button below each service to find out more.

Do You Need Multi-Language Live Stream Content?

Delivering live streams in multiple languages can seem a daunting and expensive undertaking. Our creative video solutions and services make it easy, and we guide you through the process every step of the way so you never feel alone. We have the technology to make it happen, expanding your audience while reducing costs so you can deliver world class localised live content to all your audiences at a price you can afford.

Do You Need Remote Commentary?

You can engage viewers in their own language with live remote commentary. We have helped numerous clients provide regular live streams in over ten languages simultaneously. Our commentators can work from anywhere using our custom-built audio solutions for remote live multi language commentary. We can help you set up an unlimited number of live remote commentators for your production and deliver each language live stream to all platforms simultaneously.

Do You Need Multiple Video Streams?

You can provide easy access to live localised content for all your regional markets. A single live stream just doesn’t cut it if you need regionalised content. We can help you set up live, multilingual commentary solutions along with localised in-stream ads and marketing messages tailored for each territory. Our end to end solutions will enable you to expand reach and amplify your brand, engaging with new audiences wherever they are.

Do You Need Social Streaming?

Deliver your content to all your fans’ favourite channels. We work with numerous large companies whose audiences are accustomed to viewing content on very different platforms and have expectations that the content should work perfectly on each. We supply solutions – technology, management and expertise – to help you deliver world class, live, localized content to all your required platforms simultaneously whatever and wherever they are.

Do You Need One Video In Many Languages?

Volcano City can make any video fully localised in any language. We create animated “explainer” videos for you and then completely localise every aspect of the video – graphics, text and voice over. We can produce multi language video content in any language you want and deliver that content in any format you choose. We specialise in getting to know your business requirements and fulfilling them to your satisfaction.

Volcano City has the answer for you!

Everyone should have easy access to content they love

We work with: global companies, agencies and production companies.
We believe in a world where location and language aren’t barriers to what you love.
Contact us and discover what’s possible with your video project requirements.

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Volcano City is an innovative industry leader in live video streaming, multi-language live video content creation, remote commentary broadcasts and video encoding that can serve and deliver content to a wide array of video devices.

Note: our site features client work and demo projects in order to showcase the wide variety of skills we can bring to your project. Contact us to work on your video requirements today!